Bob Shelmerdine
Welcome to my website.

Predominantly my work is in Computing;  I visit clients across Lancashire and Cumbria to repair computers, both hardware and software, and I have a workshop where I can carry out more detailed repairs and re-builds.  I can also supply all types of computer hardware from new desktop PCs and laptops to printers, routers and tablets.

As I play squash and tennis on a regular basis I also run a racquet stringing business, using professional equipment and string I can restring your squash or tennis racquet to your specific requirements.  Show details.

I am also a writer.  I have contributed to PC Advisor as a technical writer, and I also write non-fiction travel and walking books.  A personal account of a Land's End to John O'Groats walk was published in September 2017 - click to see some of my writing. My partner, Helen Shaw, is also a writer, of both fiction and non-fiction, and a photographer.  Her website can be visited here:

I am a passionate believer in the rights and power of the consumer, and am equally convinced that large organisations have, in the main, not the slightest concern for us as consumers.  I believe that unless we make a stand and complain when necessary (and, equally, praise good service) then we will continue to be treated as insignificant by big business.  This page provides some advice on how to complain, how to reach the right people at the top of an organisation, and what to do if nothing improves!

I also work on designing websites and brochures for personal and business use. For more details please look at this page.

Sometimes websites can be very static.  If you have a product or a location to showcase, why not promote it better by adding a small movie of a couple of minutes to your website?  Think about the power of YouTube on your own website! This is something I can film for you.  Some examples can be seen here.

We travel a great deal and always struggle to find somewhere special to stay that we are sure will be good.  Reviews are so hard to believe sometimes, so here I have included some personal views of places that we have stayed and can recommend unreservedly.

I have a holiday cottage on the Isle of Skye which is available for rent.  Check it out here.

And finally, here are some links to pages relevant to my website.

Please enjoy browsing my website and do contact me on 0780 3389215 or 01200 446722.

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